To Make India, Money Confident.

Our Mission

India stands as one of the world's fastest-growing economies, fueled by a youthful demographic, growing global competitiveness, and immense potential for impact investments. However, this landscape also presents its unique set of challenges for investors, from infrastructural gaps to regulatory complexities and low financial literacy.

As a founder of VALO, envision a solution that speaks directly to these challenges. A platform that rewards every investment, fostering a climate where investors are incentivized to channel more resources into India, particularly in sectors with a positive societal and environmental influence. Such a platform provides more than just an investment avenue; it grants access to dependable information, guidance, and valuable feedback on investment choices. It also creates a vibrant community of kindred investors who share their experiences, insights, and best practices.

While Majority of fintech platforms offer elements of these features, none explicitly celebrate investors through rewards for their investments. They typically rely on commissions, fees, or subscriptions to sustain themselves.

Therefore, there's a distinct opportunity to create a platform that offers rewards with every investment in India. These rewards could take various forms - from cashback to points, vouchers, discounts, or complimentary services. Their allocation could consider multiple variables such as invested amount, investment frequency, holding duration, risk appetite, impact assessment, or referral networks. In essence, rewards could be uniquely tailored to each investor's preferences and objectives.


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What's the idea behind the name?

We chose this name because our product is designed to reward users for displaying good financial behavior, which takes courage and discipline in today's world. By sticking to a budget, avoiding debt, and investing for the future, our users are demonstrating financial valor, and we believe that our product should reflect and celebrate this.

In other words, the name " Valo " represents the idea of courage, and our product is designed to support and encourage users in their pursuit of financial stability and security.

Valor (noun) ˈva-lər 🔗

Strength of mind or spirit that enables a person to encounter risk with firmness : personal bravery

Our Team

A unique assembly of people who sincerely think they can transform the way money is handled.

Ayush Agarwal
ayush-agrawal 🥸

Co-Founder, CEO

Mihir Verma
mihir-verma 👾

Co-Founder, CTO

Ajay Sharma
ajay-sharma 🎅

Co-Founder, CMO

Mayank Sanwal
mayank-sanwal 👽

Dankest Member

Surabhi Agarwal
surbhi-agarwal 🤙

Founder's Office - Product Management

Atharv Pathak
atharv-pathak 😌

Content Creator

Zainab Mustafa
zainab-mustafa 👩‍🎨

UI/UX Intern

Ankit Chawda
ankit-chawda 🤝

Tech Partner - NGTS

Aman Patel
aman-patel 🧑‍💻

Android Head

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